Thursday, May 6, 2010

A peaceful walk, a soothed soul.


2010 01 08 042-1

Got to wonder why we, [well, me!] put such silly restrictions on ourselves sometimes.

When I first started this blog, I made it too difficult to publish from, and many times I can’t even publish your comments the first time, because of the way I set it up.

Silly me, I’ve learned from my mistakes.  Changed as much as I can. And am learning to live with the rest of it.

Yes it is called the Sibilant Surf, and yes, it is supposed to be a Ocean photography blog.

But so much of where I live, here near the ocean, is estuary, and saltwater marsh.  [A partially enclosed coastal body of water].

I was being rather selective in which photos I was publishing.  But realistically,  how many shots of the sunrise do you want to see?   I generally am down at the beach during the mornings, not the evenings.  It’s too crowded, to expensive, [.75 cents per 15 minutes] and I don’t seem to have the time lately.

So I have opened up my options, lengthened my viewpoint, and relaxed my hold on what is correct.  I am happy with it, and I hope that you are happy with it also. 

I think that although it won’t be a regular posting, the tide has come in.  And look and see what treasures it has uncovered.




  1. What a pretty reflection! That's the beauty of a blog - it's yours to do what you want with and we love ALL your photography. Have a grand day.

  2. Beautiful photo is your blog, you can do whatever you want! :)


"If we are very still, we can hear the ocean whisper to us."

The ocean surf makes a sibilant sound, a soft hissing as the incoming tide meets the seaweed, and the rocks.

Tell me what it says to you.