Saturday, May 15, 2010

The far side of the Ocean


2010 05 14 004-1

You know us homebody kind of bloggers, we don’t really like to leave our nests.  And some of us don’t like to go out in the evening, unless it is for a good cause. But I thought you might like to see White Rock beaches other half, the sunset.  I actually got myself off of the couch, and drove down to the beach to catch this the other night. 

It was well worth it.

This post is for Connie, at the The Far Side Of Fifty. 

It’s always nice to have you drop by to say hello, and see if there is a new post. Although lately there hasn’t really been a new one.

Geographically we may not be on opposite sides of the ocean, but blogging brings us so close, we could be neighbors.

And this post is also for all of you blog readers out there.  Thanks for visiting, whether or not you have to cross the ocean to do so.



  1. What an amazing sunset Jen. You and Connie have been just like family to me for years now. Like you, I don't venture very far from home and it is such a blessing to be able to visit your blogs. Have a nice weekend.

  2. What a wonderful end to a day. Talk about unwinding, calming down and taking in the moment.
    Beautiful, peaceful bliss.

  3. Wow what a sunset! I am behind on my reading..but only by six days! Thanks for the sunset..wouldn't it be wonderful to be neighbors!! I am very grateful to have found you..even if you do live so far away:)


"If we are very still, we can hear the ocean whisper to us."

The ocean surf makes a sibilant sound, a soft hissing as the incoming tide meets the seaweed, and the rocks.

Tell me what it says to you.