Sunday, May 30, 2010

The weather, frothy, with a touch of sun



I’ve been deep in the archives cleaning up that overloaded hard drive of mine. 

Blurry eyed, and seeing double, but I am finding some fun shots. 

This must be from a winter storm, reminds me of a weatherman saying “Yes, today the weather will be frothy, with a touch of sun.”


Saturday, May 15, 2010

The far side of the Ocean


2010 05 14 004-1

You know us homebody kind of bloggers, we don’t really like to leave our nests.  And some of us don’t like to go out in the evening, unless it is for a good cause. But I thought you might like to see White Rock beaches other half, the sunset.  I actually got myself off of the couch, and drove down to the beach to catch this the other night. 

It was well worth it.

This post is for Connie, at the The Far Side Of Fifty. 

It’s always nice to have you drop by to say hello, and see if there is a new post. Although lately there hasn’t really been a new one.

Geographically we may not be on opposite sides of the ocean, but blogging brings us so close, we could be neighbors.

And this post is also for all of you blog readers out there.  Thanks for visiting, whether or not you have to cross the ocean to do so.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

A peaceful walk, a soothed soul.


2010 01 08 042-1

Got to wonder why we, [well, me!] put such silly restrictions on ourselves sometimes.

When I first started this blog, I made it too difficult to publish from, and many times I can’t even publish your comments the first time, because of the way I set it up.

Silly me, I’ve learned from my mistakes.  Changed as much as I can. And am learning to live with the rest of it.

Yes it is called the Sibilant Surf, and yes, it is supposed to be a Ocean photography blog.

But so much of where I live, here near the ocean, is estuary, and saltwater marsh.  [A partially enclosed coastal body of water].

I was being rather selective in which photos I was publishing.  But realistically,  how many shots of the sunrise do you want to see?   I generally am down at the beach during the mornings, not the evenings.  It’s too crowded, to expensive, [.75 cents per 15 minutes] and I don’t seem to have the time lately.

So I have opened up my options, lengthened my viewpoint, and relaxed my hold on what is correct.  I am happy with it, and I hope that you are happy with it also. 

I think that although it won’t be a regular posting, the tide has come in.  And look and see what treasures it has uncovered.